artist interviews

malek domkoc

twenty four, he/him

what is your art form?

acting and writing.

what do you do and why do you do it?

i'm a performer/writer and i do it because i love telling stories.

who/what has inspired you in your artistic practice and why?

any story or anyone that tells a story i resonate with.

what do you think your role is as an artist? has anything stopped you from fulfilling this role?

my role is to give voice to the people in the same bracket as me. hopefully my work as an artist gives courage and inspiration to those who might have doubts in their own abilities.

what have been the biggest challenges in your artistic journey?

lack of proper representation in the industry.

do you believe that good art comes from turmoil and suffering, or is that a romantic notion?

good art comes from anywhere. i don’t think you have to necessarily suffer for it to be considered as good. you just have to do it first and believe in it and the rest will follow.

how do you feel your age impacts your experience as an artist?

i feel like i'm not seeing a lot of my age mates from my background in the industry and that sometimes makes it seems impossible and at the same time, inspiring to make that breakthrough.

what about your gender/race/sexuality/disability etc.?

of course as a young african man, that plays a big role and makes everything harder but it doesn't stop me from pushing for the top.

when it comes to art, what would you tell your younger self?

don't worry about what anyone says. just tell your story.

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