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@mb_modelling, nineteen, she/her

what is your art form?


what do you do and why do you do it?

i love story telling. taking people on a journey to experience something different to everyday life. acting and modelling allows this through dressing up and becoming a character - either in a different time period or in a whole imaginative world. i feel it’s important to keep life interesting.

who/what has inspired you in your artistic practice and why?

i always found movies so captivating when i was younger and just knew that the joy i got from watching movies i wanted to give to other people too.

what do you think your role is as an artist? has anything stopped you from fulfilling this role?

having the right mindset is a very important thing and the only thing stopping me from fulfilling my role as an artist is me at times. whether i think i’m not good enough, or find i don’t have the time. i know in myself that my role is to give other people a positive experience.

what have been the biggest challenges in your artistic journey?

to not be afraid to exceed my own expectations. try something out of my comfort zone and i might be more capable than i know.

do you believe that good art comes from turmoil and suffering, or is that a romantic notion?

not so much suffering, but hard work. if you have the passion for it - every bit of hard work will feel like it is returned with reward.

how do you feel your age impacts your experience as an artist?

being young, i have limited life experience really and i believe it holds me back from having knowledge on certain issues that might be in a character i perform or such.

what about your gender/race/sexuality/disability etc.?

yes, it can restrict certain roles i can partake in.

when it comes to art, what would you tell your younger self?

try everything. if you think you can then try. every step is a step forward, never back, therefore with every experience you take you are learning. audition for the character or take on the modelling role. you never know if you don’t try.

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