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nashy mz

@nashy_mz, twenty seven, she/her

what is your art form?

actor, performer.

what do you do and why do you do it?

i'm an actor and a performer...and partial writer (as i tend to hold off on it). initially it was because it's another platform for me to be on stage to perform as i wanted to pursue dance but had to forgo it due to personal reasons.

now, i love acting and performing on screen and on stage. pushing my boundaries. it feels rewarding in some ways when i share my stories and experiences that others may relate and connect with. also feels liberating when you experience the whole process from auditions, to rehearsals and bonding with old and new people, to the performance, to the end. just the whole aspect of creating, connecting, and performing, really.

who/what has inspired you in your artistic practice and why?

i'm gonna boldly and shamelessly say, myself. but also the people around me in some ways. i get the sense of pleased gratification for myself for going into this path despite some setbacks especially since i do not see a lot of people like me (singaporean-malay-muslim) in this industry that i admire and can be inspired by.

also, the beauty and evolving of nature.

what do you think your role is as an artist? has anything stopped you from fulfilling this role?

i feel this is subjective as it may depend on what you do and your interest but for me is [1] to be truthful in the stories i'm telling, [2] be as authentic emotionally, [3] be present in the moment. there are more of what i think my role would be in terms of preparation, growth as an artist and always be curious of the world but that would be a lot to delve in to.

most importantly, trusting the process. which can sometimes be a struggle haha.

what have been the biggest challenges in your artistic journey?

high expectations on myself and what i think others may have on me as well as comparing myself to others.

also, lack of confidence in myself sometimes.

and the constant reminder that i'm not getting any younger in age number and should try to find something to be financially stable. or that i should work harder to be 'successful' when really....this job, the lack of understanding (from non-arts people) of projects being short term and the constant drive and auditions and that you don't stay in one company (like a 9-5 job) that creates opportunity for you to be in all or so many film and/or stage projects (how awesome would that be, right? - rhetorical question and sarcastic tone)...

do you believe that good art comes from turmoil and suffering, or is that a romantic notion?

there's no right or wrong to this question, i believe.

i feel good art or art in general can come from anything. it can come from an impulse, suffering, beauty of anything, experiences, thoughts etc. whatever helps you express your creative side that you want to see and share.

how do you feel your age impacts your experience as an artist?

i try not to think about my age too much but i struggle with "am i allowed to audition for this role despite the age brief", "will they think of me and treat me or see me differently if i tell them my age", etc.

also, relatives or family members constant reminder (or nagging) on job stability as mentioned in the question before.

what about your gender/race/sexuality/disability etc.?

being a hijabi muslim, i find myself to have limited roles i can go for. especially when stereotype look of a muslim person is more often a middle eastern than south-east asian.

so, i'm kinda in the thought process of wanting to write a story for people like myself who look like me than waiting for an opportunity to play a character i want to see on screen or on stage.

when it comes to art, what would you tell your younger self?

be more confident in yourself and have faith in the work you do. it’s okay to fail and, not be or have it perfect. practice makes PROGRESS, not perfect because nothing can really be perfect.

also, do what you want to do and what you love to do. don't let what other people say to you stop you from trying and doing it. don't get held back by them, weird and play hard! you're enough...keep going and keep learning with fresh perspective and enthusiasm. don't stop, even if you feel like quitting.

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